Yahweh's Hands, LLC
Assisting you on your Healing Journey



Would you like to De-Stress?

Are your behavior patterns, belief systems & childhood traumas holding you back?

Did you know, your own energy fields can bring self-healing?



Welcome to Yahweh’s Hands

We provide nurturing, safe and specific care plans for people on their healing journey.



Using massage & custom healing touch techniques, Yahweh’s Hands 

helps YOU use YOUR own energy to promote self-healing, life change and an overall feeling of wellness.

Gentle, methodical and Holistic in Nature, our services concentrate on mind, body and spirit healing.


Access Bars

AromaTouch Essential Oil Technique

Cranial- Sacral Therapy

Healing Touch

Massage (Oncology, Lymphatic Drainage)




Nadiyah Ziyad, TTT, CST-Licensed Massage Therapist, founder of Yahweh's Hands, LLC 




Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
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